Topcoat - Xxiotti Mens Black Chesterfield Overcoat Cashmere Blend Long Coat 77000 IS

$249.99 - $269.99
4.00 LBS
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When I think of Xxiotti, two words come to mind. Style and Quality. Xxiotti Cashmere Blend Topcoats are made with only quality fabrics and use only the best tailoring techniques to give you the look and fit you that will make you stand out from the crowd. Now and then I get hit with an item that makes me step back. This Calf Length Velvet Trim Collar Cashmere Blend Overcoat also known as the Chesterfield is one of them. When I say this overcoat is plush, I mean Plush. Nothing is more luxurious feeling than a Cashmere blend Top Coat. This Chesterfield by Xxiotti is a full-length down-to-the-calf Cashmere/Wool overcoat with a beautiful black velvet trim collar. This Overcoat is full cut to accommodate your suit size

Please Note Updated Version of this Coat only has 3 Buttons.