Canto Black Wide Leg Dress Pants Men 22 Inch Bottom Fine Stripe 7002 Size 32

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If you like the way 22 inch wide leg pants drape, you'll love the drape on these mens black wide leg dress pants from leading maker Canto. The fabric on these pants is black on black fine stripe tonal pattern. Canto isn't just known for making super stylish fashion suits but also have and entire collection of mens wide leg dress pants too for the man who likes dressing to impress. You might be that type of man who favors wearing 3 Piece Suits for men too. These mens black wide leg dress pants come with 22 inch bottoms to sit on your new Stacy Adams shoes just so. They are nicely baggy and have pleats on the front that will drape the way you expect a pair of mens wide leg dress pants to drape. The waistband features a hidden expandable waistband for comfort. Made of poly/rayon super 150s fabric. The pants have unfinished bottoms for hemming to your perfect inseam by your tailor. Check out our huge selection of suits for men here.