Mens Dress Shirt Pink Regular Fit Daniel Ellissa DS3001

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Mens Dress Shirt Pink Regular Fit Daniel Ellissa DS3001. Wearing a mens dress shirt in pink is always a fantastic choice with either a blue or gray color suit. When it comes to mens pastel colored dress shirts, pink is one of the most popular choices and is regularly chosen by men who have a defined affinity for dressing to impress. The pastel nature of pink makes it a great dress shirt choice to go with most of your business suits that you probably wear on a regular basis. You can wear pink dress shirts with absolute sophistication with navy blue color mens suits as well as any shade of gray suit including charcoal that you own. Just pop that shirt under the suit jacket, grab a few ties and you'll quickly get inspired on how you're going to look that day. Daniel Ellissa is the maker of these mens pink dress shirts and these are made of great wrinkle free fabric that will keep you dressed to impress the entire day. Featuring a classic fit that will keep you comfortable and basic long sleeve style. You'll have the classic look needed to dress your best. You can wear the cuffs with cuff links as an added bonus if you wish. Fabric is Poly/Cotton easy care.