Milano Long Jacket Suit Black Full Cut Stripe Vested Urban Men Suits 5903V

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4.00 LBS
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Nothing makes someone who is going out for the evening or going to Church on Sunday look sharper than wearing a full cut gangster stripe urban style fashion suit by Milano Moda. With attention to detail like jean style stitching and bold stripes with a full cut long jacket. This suit will be the one to bring you some well needed notoriety. Featuring wide leg pants and matching vest, you'll be ready for some new conversation with everyone in the room with a shiny new pair of Stacy Adams Shoes. The sizes displayed are jacket sizes. Pant sizes for 36-46 chest will be 6 inches smaller than the jacket size. Pants sizes for 48-52 will be 5 inches smaller, and 54-56 the pant sizes will be 4 inches smaller than the jacket size. Ex. Size 40 Regular Jacket comes with size 34 Waist Pants