Montique Mens Blue Walking Suit Rugby Stripe 1962 Size XL


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Montique has done it again with their new summer collection of Mens Walking Sets. Only the Newest Style Fabrics are used for Montique Walking Suits. This blue rugby stripe Walking Suit is Just What You Need for Your Stylish Wardrobe. The pants come pleated for the grown man who knows how to carry himself. Depending on where you come from. These men's two piece pants sets are called many things.Some folks call them walking suits and other folks call them men's dressy outfits. I've even heard them referred to as men's leisure suits or leisure sets,even Casual Sets. Its up to you what you want to call these classy looking men's walking suits. Men's walking suits are great for dressing your best when a suit is just a little too much. Top off our Pants sets with a nice godfather dress hat and watch people notice you. People will wonder who you are. Make sure you finish the deal with some nice Italian style Stacy Adams dress shoes.