Stacy Adams Mens Brown Tan Dress Shoes Gator Toe OS25630-249

Stacy Adams

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When you take a classic mens dress shoe that has been around for over 125 years and do something to them that completely transforms them, you know you did the right thing like these brown and tan two tone Stacy Adams dress shoes here. We all know the Stacy Adams Madison shoe is an iconic style dress shoe in the world of mens shoes and have to be special if they continue to be popular year after year but when you add the special twist of a two tone style with a combination of smooth calfskin and crocodile print leather together. You have a winner that will look sharp with all of your suits. This brown and tan color dress shoes by Stacy Adams features a combination of tan lizard print leather with a gator print cap toe upper and a full leather sole and heel with a rubber bottom making for a  style with a twist.