Tiglio Men's Wool Plaid Wide Leg Pants Tan Cognac TLS20053/1

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Tiglio wide leg wool pants and slacks are not just made of fine Italian wool fabric that is super 150s and made in Italy, these slacks are also stylish like no ones business with their wide leg style that stays wide all the way to the bottom of the leg of the pants. We're talking 11 inches wide at the bottom. You'll find both bold plaid patterns in fine Italian wool and solid colors that show what Tiglio wide leg dress pants are all about. Quality is something that is often times forgotten when it comes to style but you won't find it forgotten with Tiglio. Tiglio wide leg pants are not just made of fine Italian wool but the quality of construction is top notch and what you would expect from any fine clothing made in Italy. Tiglio pants and slacks feature full construction waist bands that button and good quality zippers. You'll find the that these wide leg pants are made to take in or let out by your tailor with the finishing trim on the seat seam as well. All with the intention of lasting many years of stylish wear.