Tiglio Rosso Suit Mens Brown Italian Wool Wide Leg Pants OS

Tiglio Rosso

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The way you see this double breasted style vest wrap around, you know this is no ordinary suit but a suit by Tiglio Rosso. Tiglio Rosso makes suits in Italy that feature wide leg style pants and fancy style vests for the man who wants the very best in style and quality as well. You'll find that these wide leg wool suits by Tiglio Rosso are all about attitude and loving the better things in life. The pants are wide leg style with flap pockets and have pleats and box style belt loops. The jackets feature side vents for ease of movement. Made in Italy. Here and there we get this question about Tiglio Rosso Suits. "What makes Tiglio Suits better than other suits." The answer for that question is two fold. The first thing to consider about a Tiglio suit is that they are made in Italy and made of fine Italian wool suit fabric whereas lesser brand suits are more often than not made in China. Now China makes really good quality suits these days and have state of the art suit factories that churn out millions of suits a year for most brands but suits that are made in Italy still have more experience with making a fine wool suit to begin with as well as experience with style. You can tell right off the bat when a man is wearing an Italian suit like a Tiglio Rosso just by the way it drapes on him, the way the shoulders look and fit and that certain way that the Italian wool fabric just looks. It has a more expensive quality look to it and it's the sum of all of it's parts. Style, quality of the wool fabric and attention to detail. Even a somewhat minor thing like the jacket lining on a Tiglio Rosso suit is not ignored. While other brand suits are almost always manufactured for a price point, Tiglio goes that extra mile or couple kilometers and takes the fine quality to the next level. If you open the jacket up on a Tiglio Rosso suit you will immediately notice that they use fine bember linings in patterns that are meant to be noticed. This is no accident. Tiglio wants you as well as other people to notice the fine and bold lining that is in your suit jacket to tell people that you are not wearing a run of the mill suit but a fine Italian suit. When you feel the lining alone, you can feel that it is fine quality silky fabric that looks like it will last. When a suit is made at a price point, the manufacturer is going to use the cheapest lining fabric they can find because they figure, who cares. Not a Tiglio Rosso. They want you as the suit customer to know that Tiglio goes the extra mile with all of their fine Italian suits.