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Mens All Black Suit 2 Button Jacket Vinci 2C900-2 Size 46S Final Sale

Mens All Black Suit 2 Button Jacket Vinci  2C900-2 Size 46S Final Sale - click to enlarge

Name:Mens All Black Suit 2 Button Jacket Vinci 2C900-2 Size 46S Final Sale
Seen Elsewhere $129.99
On Sale Now $69.99
Save: $60.00 (46%) Today!

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Product Description

You've come to the right place if you are shopping for some 2 piece cheap suits. We sell affordable mens suits in a variety of colors and sizes. If you are looking for a basic mens all black suit with a 2 button jacket, you just can't go wrong with these single breasted mens suits. This Single Breasted Suit by Black features a 2 Button Jacket with Notched Lapels. Pants are flat front and ready for hemming. Fabric is made of comfortable super 150s poly/rayon. Final Sale.

These are fantastic cheap suits that can be used for all types of events and situations. Learn More about Mens Suits Here. Did you know that also sells Tuxedos also. You should also check out our huge selection of affordable priced Mens Suits. Don't Forget to Check out our selection of Stacy Adams Shoes.

People all time ask what are our best selling 2 piece cheap suits that we sell online and quickly they are told that it's these 3 button mens suits by Vinci Suits. When they ask why. The answer is simple for 3 reasons. Price, Fit and Quality. Well people always shop with their wallets first and foremost. There aren't that many people out there that buy 3 button mens suits and don't care about price. If you work for your money and I'm sure you do, you don't just want to throw your money away without care about the the cost. You want value for your money and you'll get value in spades with these 3 Button Suits by Vinci. Second is the fit. What good is saving any money on mens cheap 2 piece suits that you buy if the suit doesn't fit you well. These cheap suits by Vinci fit right each and every time. If you are of the younger generation and like a 3 Piece Suit, you can shop for these as well. You won't find ill fitting collars nor jackets that bunch or pinch in the wrong place. You get a consistently good fitting 2 piece suit each and every time. Now when you shop online for 3 button mens suits, you don't want to wear it just once do you? You want to get your money's worth and get plenty of wear time after time, season after season, especially if you are a frequent church goer, that's why Vinci gives you value for your money because you will be able to get more than plenty of wear out of your suits for a very affordable price.

Questions You May Have Buying Mens Suits Online.

Question: How do I know what size mens suits to order?

Answer: If you're new to the game of wearing mens suits, the first thing you need to know is that suits are sized by chest size or jacket size primarily and come with a corresponding pants or trouser size. All of our suits come with standard sizing which is usually a 6 inch difference from the chest size to the waist size. For example on most of our size 42 mens suits, the corresponding waist size would be a size 36 waist which is a 6 inch drop. On some brands like Stacy Adams and Falcone, their size 42 suit would come with a size 35 inch waist which is the more traditional matching size pants for them. The next thing you need to know is your height and whether you wear a Regular, Long or Short in mens suits. Generally if you're 5'7" tall up to 6 feet you will need to order a size regular suit, if you're under that height you will need to order a Short and if you're taller than 6 feet up to 6'5" you will wear a Long in mens suits. The difference primarily in whether the mens suits are Regular, Long or Short is that the sleeves will be sized accordingly and the suit coat will either be an inch longer on a long or an inch shorter on a short. Also the the unfinished length on the slacks will also be slightly different because there will be no reason for the manufacturer to make pants on a Short the same length as the pants on a Long so those too will correspond in size as well.

Question: Are Poly Poplin fabric Mens Suits comfortable to wear?

Answer: The quick answer is yes. I know that many people still have a stigma in regards to any clothing made of polyester including suits but those clothes that people have memories of were made of that awful fabric of the 1970s of double knit that was both thick and uncomfortable to wear. The poly poplin fabric that these particular mens suits are made of is both light in weight and has a nice soft hand because the yard that the fabric is woven in is soft to begin with. When yard is already pleasing to the touch in it's unwoven form, the fabric that it produces will also be nice to the touch and be great to made into mens suits. Now these Poly poplin suits are better suited for wearing on your own time like going out to the Casinos if you gamble or going to clubs or for Stage production companies for their actors and dancers to wear on stage than to wear to work in an office. For work I would recommend a suit that is more of a wool look and not poly poplin fabric.

Question: Do Poly poplin mens suits wrinkle easy?

Answer: One of the biggest benefits to shopping online for poly poplin fabric mens suits is their superior resistance to wrinkling to begin with. The fabric is absolutely dynamite for staying crisp looking and not wrinkling easily at all keeping that freshly pressed from the cleaners look and keeping your appearance as sharp as you want it to be. Let's face it, when you're wearing suits, the last thing you want your suit to have is wrinkles and creases all over the back of the jacket and back of your knees on the pants but with Poly poplin mens suits, they will stay crisper much longer than many other suit fabrics including gabardines and wool. Your suit will stay looking freshly pressed almost all day long and we all know that when you look good you'll feel better about yourself.

Question: Is there any special way to take care of Poly poplin mens suits?

Answer: The short answer is no. Providing that you already know that mens suits should only be taken to dry cleaners and never ever washed at home. Don't even think about those home dry cleaner products that work in the dryer because you will be one unhappy camper when you see what can happen to your suit. Only a dry cleaners can properly clean your mens suits without damaging them,shrinking them or wrinkling them and then professionally press that suit of yours making it look brand new. Now the only thing I strongly recommend any man with a collection of mens suits in his closet is one of those garment steamers that has the water tank and hose stand. You can usually find one for about $50 and they are simply fantastic for taking the wrinkles out of your suit without scorching the fabric the way an iron would. I don't recommend using an iron just for that reason because if the iron setting is even a bit too high you can scorch the fabric and leave a shine to it that wasn't there before. With a garment steamer you can steam all of your mens suits on the hanger and deodorize them as well because the steam will kill off any bacteria causing smells that may have been there when you wore the suit previously. I usually like to use a garment steamer on all of my mens suits by starting with the sleeves first. Just pull one sleeve by the cuff of the sleeve and slowly glide the steam jets down the sleeve. Adjust as necessary to get out any of the wrinkles. Do the next sleeve the same way and then do front of the suit jacket body and then the lapels. Next turn the jacket around and repeat the same steps on the back of sleeves and back of suit jacket leaving that jacket looking fresh from the cleaners.

Question: How often should I take my mens suits to the cleaners?

Answer: I always say that you should take your mens suits to the dry cleaners only as often as needed. Unless you have soiled your suit or completely sweated through your suit because you were either dancing like you never danced before or you were in a very hot environment, you can usually wear your mens suits several times, even up to four or five times before I would recommend taking them to the cleaners. In the duration when you don't need to take them to the cleaners just steam them with the garment steamer I was recommending in the previous question. You don't need to take your mens suits to the cleaners each and every time you wear them. It's not only unnecessary because that can prematurely wear out the suit, it's also very costly too.

Question: I need a large quantity of suits for a Group Order. Can You fill it?

Answer: Yes, at we have experience and the capability in filling a group order of mens suits for any Church Group or Theatrical group you can think of. Our suits can be seen in Las Vegas on stage and even Branson Missouri in all kinds of bright colors under the lights. You'll even see our mens suits on television shoes as well because we have proven ourselves to many wardrobe managers that we can fill your group order and assist you with any questions you may have when you're ready to place your suit order. Since a suit like this one here comes in so many different colors and sizes up to size 56 Long, you can be very confident that we can fill your Group order with complete satisfaction.

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