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Why Buy Mauri Shoes

If you are serious about men's shoe fashions and like to know about all of the designers and brand names, Mauri Shoes may have come across your radar at some point. Mauri is a brand that hails from Italy and specialize primarily in high fashion Alligator Shoes that are for men who really like to stop the party the moment they enter the room. These shoes for the most part are not for the faint of heart or some conservative Wall Street type in any way shape or form. Mauri shoes are made for men who can't blend in and don't want to blend in either. The moment you look at their shoe styles, you'll see that these shoes are all about getting noticed with the unique designs, colors and exotic skins that they use exclusively to make their Italian shoes. Read How to care for Mauri shoes here.

The Mauri family has been creating their unique collection of footwear for many generations for well-heeled men who like outrageous style shoes made of alligator and crocodile skins. 50 years and counting. Their whole mantra is to make fine quality exotic shoes for men that don't look like anything else that you can buy anywhere at any price. When you see a pair of Mauri shoes, you immediately will recognize that they are made by the Mauri family and not some other brand or designer. That is simply how unique these shoes are and can be.

Mauri employs their very own design team to create its shoes. Their designers are specifically instructed to pull no punches with their shoe designs because the Mauri family wants only creative and bold new styles every season, year after year. The designers are allowed to really let their creative spirits take flight when they are working on the new season's collection of Mauri shoes. They literally have a blank canvas to coin a painter's term when it comes to designing the latest shoes that Mauri will be making. After the designers come up with dozens and dozens of styles, naturally, many will not make it to production.

If a hundred different styles are created, you can bet that only a couple dozen styles will make it to the factory to be made into actual shoes. That is how selective the process is when it comes to being made into an actual Mauri shoe. Once the unique new styles are chosen, then and only then do they get made. It's an arduous process to whittle down the number of different shoe designs but Mauri has been doing it this way for over fifty years, so they know a thing or two about what they are doing.

Now, all of the unique styles that Mauri creates don't mean a thing unless they are high quality for what the prices that Mauri shoes go for. This isn't lost in translation either. First of all, these shoes are made and only made by the very best shoe artisans that Italy has to offer. The men and women who make Mauri shoes have been hand-making shoes for dozens of years. Some have even been making shoes for forty years. That is how important the quality of these fine exotic shoes is. Italian shoemakers have long been renowned for their shoemaking skills that are all made by hand and only made of fine tanned leathers exclusively.

Since these are the very best Italian shoes that money can buy, they will have features that you only find on the very best shoes. Features such as only using the very best leathers and exotic animal skins available that are costly. You are not going to find any corners cut by Mauri using inferior materials for the making of their shoes. The Mauri family has their name on these shoes and simply will not tolerate anything but the very best leathers and skins used for shoes.

You will find of course that the shoes are completely lined in glove leather which is only what you should demand when you buy fine shoes. Full leather linings are simply the only way to make shoes when you want them to be both comfortable in a luxurious way for your feet and for moisture absorption. On cheap shoes, they will use different types of fabrics for the linings which are simply not to be tolerated for Mauri shoes.

The soles on these shoes don't get ignored either, because it has long been known that the soles are what hit the pavement and they should always be made of hand carved full leather that is both durable and long wearing compared to a synthetic sole such as hard rubber. A leather sole may be slippery when they are brand new but once you take several steps on the pavement, it will develop a natural texture to them that will be slip resistant and long wearing. The heels also should be fully made of hard stacked leather with a piece of hard rubber on the back of the heel and hand nailed onto the sole. That is how fine shoes should be made and that is only how Mauri shoes are made.

Consistency of fit has always been known as a hallmark of quality when it comes to shoes and Mauri doesn't forget about this detail in any way shape or form. If you buy one pair of Mauri shoes in say a size 10, you can usually have no issue trying on a different style shoe in a size 10 and it will fit in the same way. The reason is that Mauri takes the reliable fit of their shoes very seriously unlike lesser brands who do not. The reason why their shoes fit right consistently is because they are all made in the same factory using the same shoe lasts which are foot forms that give the size and fit of the shoe. The lasts are hand carved and meticulously inspected before they are allowed to be used for the making of the shoes, so by seeing that the shoe lasts are perfect in size, it will make the shoe size and fit be consistent from shoe to shoe and style to style.

There are some shoe brands that make their shoes in not only different factories but in different countries as well which does not bode well for consistent sizing. One style may fit totally different from another style and that is because they were made in different factories and possibly countries as well. You will never ever have that problem with Mauri because their shoes are only made in their factory in Italy to keep everything consistent for their long standing customers. Once you become a fan of Mauri shoes, you will become a lifelong fan of them.

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