Mens Black Godfather Hat 100% Wool Homburg Brim Hats 4201

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If you're a fan of wearing a black godfather hat when you get dressed up in your Double Breasted Suit and style has always been a personality trait that you possess, have you considered adding a black Godfather hat to your list also known as the Homburg hat. Godfather hats have that attitude that the well dressed man who takes his clothing seriously desires. This dark black Godfather hat is made of 100% wool felt with a full satin lining with a leather hat band sewn inside. so if you want to start matching your suits with hats, make sure that Godfather hats are high on your list. With a sharply pressed 3 Piece Suit, there is no telling how many people compliment you. Don't forget to shop for Zoot Suits and all kinds of Mens Suits Here. If you're looking for a mens black dress hat, you should strongly consider getting a black godfather hat from You can buy the best Tuxedo here too. See the latest Stacy Adams Shoes. If you really appreciate nicer menswear consider Silversilk Clothing. If you're trying to put together a period correct costume like a Boardwalk Empire Costume and need a hat like you see Nucky Thompson wearing. Then, it's a Homburg hat that you need because that is all you see Nucky Thompson wearing on the show. A black homburg will make that costume look as authentic as possible because with the classic style that a homburg has, it will lend itself to making your costume look as period correct as possible. If you're a Godfather Movie nut like me, you know exactly where this mens dress hat gets its name from. It's the scene from The Godfather, the first movie when Michael Corleone comes back from Sicily after killing the corrupt police captain and Solazzo. He meets up with Kaye while she is tending her young school children wearing the hat. Originally called a Homburg Dress Hat. Now known as the Godfather dress hat. We have these Dress Hats in many colors. Almost every mens dress suit and Walking Suit we sell has an available Wool Felt Hat to match. Putting a dress hat on your head really finishes your look. More and more people are wearing them when they get dressed up for special occasions. Depending on where you come from, Dress hats are called different things. Some people call them Godfathers, others call them Church Hats. I've heard some people call them Fedoras which is wrong because Fedora dress hats are a different style of dress hat with a similar purpose. People from the Islands call them Felt Hats and Many people who are over 40 refer to them as Brims. Teenagers all refer to them as pimp hats. Shopping for a Black Dress Hat like a homburg is easy at Make heads twist to see what you have on your feet when they see you relaxing in some Belvedere Shoes.