Mens Grey Godfather Hat 100% Wool Homburg Corleone 4201

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Mens Grey Godfather Hat 100% Wool Homburg Corleone. This is the color Godfather Hat that Michael Corleone wore in the movie "The Godfather". When you first see the gently rolled brim with the grosgrain trim on it and the center crease on top of the crown, you'll know that this is no ordinary brim hat but a Godfather hat just like the one that Michael Corleone was wearing when he came back from Italy. This is also the same style hat that actor Fred Williamson wore in the movie "Hell up in Harlem". It is perfect for wearing with a Double Breasted Suit or any of our 3 Piece Suits to Church. This gray Godfather hat features the same stiff 100% Wool felt that all of our Godfather hats are made of with a white satin lining and grosgrain hat band with eye catching feather making this grey brim hat complete. If you're looking for a mens grey dress hat, you should strongly consider getting a grey godfather hat from Learn: Why The Godfather Hat is a Symbol of Power and Style