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Stacy Adams

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Any man who is into style should have heard of Stacy Adams Shoes and if you are really on your game, you would of heard of the Madison. The biscuit toe style lace up that is put this iconic name brand on the map. Stacy Adams Black Madison shoes are a timeless vintage style that looked great a hundred years ago and continue to look great today.These Black Stacy Adams Madison shoes are the original vintage style that made them famous and are made of kidskin leather, leather lined for comfort and have durable leather soles. There aren't too many vintage style dress shoes available if any that you can buy these days online that have been around as long as the original Stacy Adams Madison shoes. I mean, think about it for a moment. Most shoe styles come and go year after year,season after season but Stacy Adams Madisons continue to be popular year after year because they look good, fit good and just have something special about them that really can't be defined in words until you put them on your feet and lace them up. You almost feel like you've gone back in time when put on a pair of the original vintage style Stacy Adams Madison Shoes that no other shoe on the market can duplicate with their 1920s style. It's the vintage style and silhouette of the shoes that make Stacy Adams Madisons stand out because at first glance, they look like your everyday cap toe oxford dress shoes until you look again and realize that these shoes are no ordinary cap toes. Take a look at all the styles and colors of Stacy Adams Madison Shoes Here. Item ships in two business days. Questions you may have about Stacy Adams Madison Shoes Questions: How do Stacy Adams Madison shoes run size wise? Answer: If you're not a regular purchaser of dress shoes, here one fact to consider. Dress shoes usually run a full size larger than a pair of tennis shoes like Nike or Reebok, so if you normally wear a size 10 in a pair of Nikes, you will most definitely need to buy a size 9 when you buy a pair of Stacy Adams Madison shoes. Sometime and somehow, dress shoe sizes stayed the same but sneakers or tennis shoes became smaller for some strange reason. When you get your Madison shoes you will notice that once you put them on, you will be amazed at how well they fit your feet because when you take a good look at them you should notice or try to notice that they are anatomically correct for the shape of your feet. Your feet won't feel like they are forcing to the shape of the shoes because the shoes are already shaped to properly fit your feet. Question: What makes Stacy Adams Madison shoes special? Answer: If you appreciate history and the classic vintage style of dressing, you should appreciate and enjoy wearing Stacy Adams Madison shoes because they are a piece of history since they have been around for nearly a hundred years. If your great grandfather was into being well dressed, there might be a very distinct possibility that he wore the original style Stacy Adams way back when he was a young buck. When I first got myself a pair several years ago I immediately couldn't believe my eyes when I first really looked at the shoes. Opening the shoe box was almost like looking into one of those time capsules that they bury in a building's cornerstone. The shoes just had an air that they were from a time period of long ago when life was much different and Model T Fords were common place on city streets. The shape of heels that lent itself to suggest that these shoes were sold in stores that were called bootery's back then. Even the shape of all leather stitched shoe sole has a vintage look of the turn of the century to it. Question: Is there any special way to care for Stacy Adams Madison shoes? Answer: the quick answer is just make sure that if you're clean, your Shoes should be just as clean. Make sure that they are always kept polished and shiny. I always like to use paste wax shoe polish myself like Kiwi. It's easy to apply and gives a great shine and protects the leather as well. The well dressed man should have a shoe shine box or kit with shoe polishes of the basic shoe leather colors and a good shoe shine brush that will bring the goodness out of the leather keeping them looking new for a very longtime. Question: Is there any special way to wear a pair of Stacy Adams Madison shoes? Answer: Just wear them as you would any other pair of dress shoes you own. You can of course wear them with your favorite suits depending on the color of the suit or the shoes and just match them accordingly. You can also wear them with a pair of slacks and a button down shirt or knit top and give your look a slightly retro but sophisticated style and wear them like you own the place and people will treat you like you do.