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Stacy Adams

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When you hear the old timers talking about Stacy Adams Shoes, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are talking about Stacy Adams Madison shoes. The old guys will wax poetic for hours about how sharp they used to look wearing their Stacy's all polished up so you can see your reflection right off of the shoes. You know that when these old guys were all decked out and dressed to kill, they would put a little roll in their stride to let folks know they know what time it is. These Brown Stacy Adams Madison shoes are made of kidskin leather, leather lined for comfort and have durable leather soles. There aren't too many shoes that you can buy these days online that have been around as long as Stacy Adams Madison shoes have been available. I mean, think about it for a moment. Most shoe styles come and go year after year,season after season but Stacy Adams Madisons continue to be popular year after year because they look good, fit good and just have something special about them that really can't be defined in words until you put them on your feet and lace them up. You almost feel like you've gone back in time when put on Stacy Adams Madison Shoes that no other shoe on the market can duplicate. Take a look at all the styles and colors of Stacy Adams Madison Shoes Here. Item ships in two business days. If you didn't know what makes Stacy Adams Madison Shoes so special, maybe it's the fact that they have been around for generation after generation. Plus in order to make a pair of Madison shoes, it takes more than two hundred and fifty different steps to craft a pair of Stacy Adams Madison shoes. In order to make a pair of Madisons, Stacy Adams starts with only the very best Kidskin leather to be stitched into the classic style uppers that you know and love and then they combine genuine Goodyear Welt construction with a durable leather sole that has a flexible filler underneath. In between the outsole and the insole you will find a fully cushioned heel and a steel shank which gives the shoe total support. When you combine all those quality features into a pair of shoes, you can guarantee that a pair of Stacy Adams Madisons will last. Read on: Are Stacy Adams Mens Shoes Good Quality?