Stacy Adams Madison Mens Oak Brown 1920s Style Dress Shoes 00012-40

Stacy Adams

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If you wear or know about Stacy Adams Shoes, you may have heard some old timers talking about the Stacy Adams shoes that they wore back in the day. You can bet your bottom dollar that these old guys were talking about Madison. The Madison is the original style that made Stacy Adams's shoes a household name among men who like their dress shoes stylish. The Original Biscuit toe lace-up style has been around for about 100 years. That is no joke.

If you know anything about Stacy Adams Madison shoes, Goodyear welt construction should be on the list. You see, Goodyear Welt construction is the process you will find on handmade dress shoes when quality is simply important and not just some buzzword. Goodyear Welt construction on Stacy Adams Madison shoes is the process where they add hot crumbled cork on top of the sole for cushioning and add a welt or stripe of leather that sews the upper part of the shoe to the sole of the shoe, providing a quality that is only done on better shoes these days.

These Oak Brown Stacy Adams Madison shoes receive the same attention to Goodyear Welt construction that all of the other colors of Madison shoes receive, and smooth and silky kidskin Oak brown leather sewn into the iconic cap toe style. So, if you need a pair of Oak brown dress shoes, take a good look at Stacy Adams Madison's shoes in Oak Brown.