Mens Shirt and Tie Sets

Shop mens shirt and tie sets in a wide selection of unique collars and French cuffs to elevate your style.

Each quality-crafted dress shirt set comes with a stylish men's formal shirt with a matching tie and handkerchief for a polished appearance. At Contempo Suits, our dress shirt combos feature unique patterns and styles from different brands with various color options. Are you looking for a French cuff shirt set or a two-tone shirt and tie combo? You can find them all here. We specialize in brands like Daniel Ellissa, Avanti Uomo, Fratello and Fortino Lando. They take the guesswork out of dressing stylishly. Most of our items ship the next business day. These designer sets with matching ties are a great choice if you want something bold and unique. They are not only stylish but also pair perfectly with our collection of formal suits. These bold and vibrant color shirt and tie ensembles are perfect for making a statement, just like the ones worn on the show. Once you experience the comfort and convenience of our best men's dress shirts and tie sets, you'll find it hard to wear anything else. These combinations will make your life easier and your style better.