Stacy Adams Burgundy Original Madison Shoes 00012-05

Stacy Adams

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If you're a fan of the Hollywood blockbuster movie "Harlem Night" staring Eddie Murphy and Richard Prior, you can bet dollars over donuts that several of the stars in that movie were wearing Stacy Adams Burgundy Madison shoes on their feet. The reason is simple because if there was one dress shoe that dominated the fashion scene for Men who appreciate style, the Madison by Stacy Adams Shoes was the go to shoe of that era and they still inspire fondness for any of the Old Timers still around that wear them. These Burgundy Stacy Adams Madison shoes are made of kidskin leather, leather lined for comfort and have durable leather soles. There aren't too many shoes that you can buy these days online that have been around as long as Stacy Adams Madison shoes have been available. I mean, think about it for a moment. Most shoe styles come and go year after year,season after season but Stacy Adams Madisons continue to be popular year after year because they look good, fit good and just have something special about them that really can't be defined in words until you put them on your feet and lace them up. You almost feel like you've gone back in time when put on Stacy Adams Madison Shoes that no other shoe on the market can duplicate. Take a look at all the styles and colors of Stacy Adams Madison Shoes Here. Item ships in two business days. Once you start wearing Stacy Adams Madison shoes, you will quickly learn what made them both famous and popular at the same time. They not only have that retro style look when you see them in person for the very first time, but they look good on your feet and they are very comfortable. It is no accident that a shoe like Stacy Adams Madison shoes could still be selling for a century. Learn: How to Step Up Your Style Game with Stacy Adams Dress Shoes